Top 10 Modern Command Line Programs You Should Know About

Are you tired of the same old command line programs? Are you looking for fresh, powerful, and feature-rich tools to supercharge your command line experience? Look no further than these top 10 modern command line programs that you have to check out. From productivity to security to entertainment and beyond, these command line tools are sure to impress.

1. fzf

Do you often find yourself scrolling through long lists to find that one file, or that one line of code? With fzf, you can search and navigate through files and directories in a fast, easy, and intuitive way. Based on fuzzy string matching, fzf allows you to quickly filter and select files, directories, and lines of text in real time. What's more, fzf can integrate with other command line tools, such as grep, find, and ripgrep, to make your workflows even smoother.

2. bat

Are you tired of the basic cat command and its lack of syntax highlighting and line numbering? Say hello to bat, a modern replacement for cat that adds some flair to your file viewing experience. With bat, you can seamlessly view and navigate through source code, Markdown files, JSON documents, and other text files, all while enjoying syntax highlighting, line numbering, and Git integration.

3. fd

Do you hate typing long and complex find commands to search for files and directories? fd is here to simplify your life. With fd, you can search for files and directories with ease and speed, using simple and intuitive syntax that supports regular expressions, glob patterns, file metadata, and more. fd can also integrate with other command line tools, such as fzf, to further enhance your productivity.

4. k9s

Do you manage Kubernetes clusters often, and wish there was a more convenient way to do so from the command line? Look no further than k9s, a powerful and user-friendly terminal-based UI for Kubernetes. With k9s, you can navigate and manage your Kubernetes resources, including pods, deployments, services, and more, with ease and speed. Featuring a sleek and intuitive interface, k9s makes working with Kubernetes a breeze.

5. ripgrep

Do you work with big codebases and need a reliable and fast way to search for code? ripgrep is your go-to tool for code search and replacement, with performance that beats other popular grep-like tools by a mile. ripgrep supports various regex flavors, binary file exclusion, ignore rules, multi-line search, context awareness, and more. Its integration with fzf and other tools also makes it a versatile tool for advanced workflows.

6. tldr

Do you always forget the usage of specific command line tools? With tldr, you can get quick and concise help for many popular command line tools, without having to sift through lengthy manuals or online documentation. tldr, which stands for "too long; didn't read", provides simplified and practical examples of command line tool usage, along with option flags, real-world scenarios, and cross-platform support.

7. ncdu

Are you running out of disk space and need a way to identify the files and directories that are taking up the most space? ncdu is a command line disk usage analyzer that lets you visualize and drill down into your directory hierarchy in a clean and efficient way. With ncdu, you can quickly identify and delete large files and folders, or move them to other locations. Its simplicity and speed make it a must-have tool for disk management.

8. youtube-dl

Do you like to download your favorite videos, music, and playlists from YouTube and other video hosting sites? With youtube-dl, you can do so easily and reliably from the command line, in all its glorious formats and qualities. youtube-dl supports a wide range of sites and platforms, and offers advanced features such as playlist downloading, video selection, format conversion, and more. Its open-source nature and frequent updates also make it a safe and trustworthy tool.

9. jq

Do you work with JSON data often and need a way to manipulate and transform it easily and flexibly? jq is a lightweight and powerful command line tool for JSON processing, with a rich and expressive syntax that lets you slice, filter, map, reduce, and otherwise transform JSON data in various ways. jq can also integrate with other command line tools, such as curl and grep, to help you fetch and process JSON data from various sources.

10. entr

Do you enjoy writing scripts and programs in a test-driven development fashion? entr is a command line tool that lets you run arbitrary commands or scripts whenever the files they depend on change. With entr, you can automate your testing or development workflows, and avoid the hassle of manual running or reloading. entr supports various languages and frameworks, and can also be used for auto-reloading code in interactive sessions.

These are just some of the top modern command line programs that you shouldn't miss out on. Whether you're a seasoned command line pro or a curious newcomer, these tools can help you boost your productivity, creativity, and enjoyment of the command line. So go ahead and try them out, and let us know what you think. Happy hacking!

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